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Things that I've learned...

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So here are a list of things I learned in my first year.

- Get invovled!, whether it's a paid job or volunteer, try and get involved!
- Volunteering is better than not doing anything at all.
- Check out small start-up companies, volunteering with them gives you the opportunity to start building your references and padding your resume.
- Try out a lot of different jobs, even if it's something that you think you might not like, at least that way, you'll have a confirmation on whether you actually like it or not.
- Apply for EVERYTHING for a summer job. Don't be picky and choosey.
- Start applying for a summer job in January, usually the applications start at the end of first semester, and close Late Feb/Early March.
- Job Bank/ school career centre/ Kijiji are all good places to look.

Anyway, hopefully some of those tips help.
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