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Thread for my sister.

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So, I'm in my second year of university now but my younger sister is applying. I didn't really look into York and Ryerson when I applied, because they weren't top programs on my list. However, here's the run down:

My sister hasn't been accepted anywhere yet. Here are her stats:

Grade 11 Marks:
English (U): 82%
Fashion (O): 90%
Math (U): 63%
Fitness (O): 92%
Art (U/C): 77%
Accounting (U/C): 86%
Marketing (C): 70%
Religion (U/C): 86%

Grade 12 Marks:
Advanced Functions (U): 65% (is re-taking this semester)
Business Leadership (U/C): 90%
Economics (U): 82%
Accounting (U/C): 76%
Marketing (U): This semester
Religion (U/C): This semester
English (U): This semester

She applied to:

Ryerson BComm
Ryerson Retail Management
York Administrative Studies (BA)

What exactly are her chances?
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I think she'll get in. Might want to double check the program requirements and also if repeated courses are allowed. luck!
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I am sure York BA is fine. However, I think Ryerson started requiring calculus or data starting this year. Double check prerequisites.
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