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tips for grade 12

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Hey folks

This fall I start my last year of high school and I just wanted some tips for success
and just anything else i should know.

I'm not the brightest of the bunch but I do alrite.
I had around a 84 average is grade 11
and hope to bump it up a few points next year.

Planning on going to uni for biz, so i wanted to know what my options would be with a low to mid 80s average.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.
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What do you want to go through for? Any specific plans?

Assuming you are in Ontario:

Laurier - requires 86/87, can get in with lower grades if you have good ECs and a well-written ABS
McMaster- requires somewhere around an 81/82
UTM/UTSC- I don't know a ton about these schools' admissions, but I believe with mid 80s you will at least be considered. You might want to look at Rotman too, but it is fairly competitive and requires 80s in English and Math I believe
Pretty much any of Brock BBA, Carleton, UOttawa, Western BMOS, Lakehead, Algoma, UOIT, Nipissing, etc. are all no higher than high 70s up to maybe 80 average to get in.

But, I would aim for schools like Western + Ivey AEO, Queen's Commerce, and Schulich BBA, or even McGill Desautels and UBC Sauder (both out of province).

If your marks are what they are now, then you will not be able to get in those schools. But if you end up with a 90 average and applied to McMaster, Brock and Carleton, you will be wanting to kill yourself possibly.

If you put a lot of effort in this year, these top schools are attainable, or even the first few schools there which are slightly below the top schools.
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