yconic - To get into a ChemE program, what grade 12 courses did you take & the average you got in?
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To get into a ChemE program, what grade 12 courses did you take & the average you got in?

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I'm currently in grade 11 and I attend a non-semestered school. I'm not so fond with math and physics as of right now I have a 75% in Math, and although I have a 90 in Physics I'm terrible when it comes to tests, because for my first unit test I got a 60%. I know... :bounce: I really don't know how to pull it up and my math marks are all based by my math tests, and I have 10 tests to do by the end of the year to pull it up. Whereas Physics it is heavily marked on assignments, and of course the final exam. How did you guys manage to get 80s and 90s for tests? And exams?

Anyway, I'm currently taking Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Functions, Band and World Religions. For grade 12 I chose to take the three sciences, adv. functions, calculus, World Religions (mandatory), and Band. I'm still going to take Biology because I still don't know what to do and my dad thinks going to nursing is a much better idea than pursue engineering or med school because I'm a weakling in math plus they're difficult.. Sigh.

Anyone in ChemE right now? It would be nice to give me tips and advices. Also, why did you want to be a Chemical Engineer? I initially wanted to a chemist and I'm still contemplating about it but I'm interested in how Chemical Engineers develop their products from raw materials to help others because I remember watching this Youtube video about Chemical engineers and this young woman developed a soap called ProAge for her grandmother.

Help. :bounce:
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