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Top 6 and Course Selection

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A few questions for you guys, with a bit of background to start. I'm a grade 11 student from the GTA. I'm taking three grade 12 courses this year - philosophy, individuals and families, and physics. I would like to become a psychiatrist, and for my undergrad I'm interested in doing a BA in psychology (I've gotten a lot of feedback saying this is a good idea, considering BAs are generally more flexible than BSc programs) or a life science program. I just finished first semester, which included philosophy, and I maintained a 97%.

Two questions:
1. When putting my top six marks next year, does it matter that I took philosophy this year (as opposed to in my grade 12 year?) Will I be allowed to do this? Obviously, I would like to use philosophy as one of my top six marks since I did well in it.
2. Next year I will have to take bio, chem, advanced functions, calculus, and english. As of right now, I am thinking of taking gym as my sixth class (I will have a spare each semester). Gym is an open course, so I cannot count that toward my marks. As I will be applying for a BA, as well as some life science programs, I have more flexibility with what marks I choose. Do you think it is a good idea for me to be taking gym, or should I take another U or M course? Do they take into consideration that sciences and maths are harder when they are calculating the averages (for example, if someone used three "easier" U/M electives as opposed to three maths or science courses)?

Thank you in advance!
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1. No, all that matters is the course code. If it's a grade 12 course, you can count it in your average.

2. They won't really care how easy/hard the courses are. If you have all the prerequisite courses in your top 6 already, then you can include anything else that's a U/M course. It seems that you will have all your prerequisites so go ahead and take gym if that's what you really want to do.
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