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Top 6 courses?

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Hey guys,
I am aware that Universities look at your top six courses, but if you didn't do so well in some other grade 12 courses, will Universities be looking at those courses and getting a bad impression from your bad marks? Keep in mind that my average in my top 6 is going to be around 91.
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
They won't see your other mark unless it's a core requirement, such as English for example.

It could also theoretically hinder your early acceptance chances if you got the mark first semester or prior to grade twelve. This is because when you first apply, you'll have two or three courses in your top 6 and then your bad mark, which ultimately brings your average down. Until you have your complete top 6 (first term of second semester), the bad mark could influence your acceptance.

So don't feel discouraged if that's the case and universities wait a bit longer. :cat:
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