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Top 6 Marks In, What Are My Chances?

A photo of rafizaman rafizaman
English - 86%
Advanced Functions - 88%
Religion - 91%
World Issues - 98%
International Business - 97%
Calculus - 92%

Average: 92.00%

- Have approx. 300 hours of community service.
- Decent Extra-curriculars
- Already received an email from Ivey stating my supplementary was "outstanding" and that they are just waiting for my marks (which just came in).

Places I applied to:
- Schulich
- Richard Ivey (advanced placement tho)
- Rotman Commerce
- Laurier

Please, let me know what you guys/ladies think my chances are (my first pick would be Schulich) for each university. Thanks in advance.
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A photo of shandal shandal
Shulich, you got the marks comes down to your saf (its worth 50 percent)
ivey, i dont know, but getting that email i guess it will mean good news?
rotman, not too sure.
Laurier, lol you should have been accepted here in a second.
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A photo of SkylarNoeL SkylarNoeL
Shandal's got it.

Schulich is based entirely on your supplementary. Your marks meet the cutoff, you're good to go on that front.

Ivey seems promising. Your marks are decent enough here as well.

Rotman is a bit meh. The competition for Rotman, marks-wise, is steeper here. There are very few reasons to choose Rotman over Schulich and Ivey, though, so that shouldn't be much of a disapointment.

Laurier's offer will come in May. If you haven't gotten an offer already, it's probably because your Grade 11 marks were crap. How Laurier's works is there are 3 stages of acceptance:

Feb/March Early Acceptance: Based solely on Gr. 11 marks

April Acceptance: Top 6 based off your top 3 Gr. 11 and top 3 Gr. 12

May Acceptance: Top 6 based off your top 6 Gr. 12 marks including req'd credits.

You seem to be in a very good position. :) Good luck with the rest of your year! (And don't worry too much about Rotman, it's not as good a choice as Schulich or Ivey)
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A photo of rafizaman rafizaman
Thanks for the feedback people, appreciate it. BTW whats so special about Rotman, like how is it better then say Ivey or Schulich, my dad is pushing me to go there, but ive heard too many horrible UFT stories regarding 60% averages.
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A photo of SkylarNoeL SkylarNoeL
It's not. Rotman is considerably inferior to York Schulich and Western Ivey.

It attracts a lot of immigrant/multicultural students who have poor speaking/communication skills and as a result do poorly in the field in general. As a result, the attrition rate is astoundingly high and 50% of first year students are axed out of the program. Overall, Rotman graduates aren't godawful, but a lot of people entering the program will not make it to the finish, a characteristic that's unique to only Rotman.

I would recommend that if you have the option of Schulich or Ivey vs. Rotman, (which you likely will have) to kick Rotman to the side of the curb and ignore it as an option.
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A photo of rafizaman rafizaman
^^Thx, my cousin who went to UFT basically said the exact same thing.
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A photo of JK94 JK94
does anyone know if I have a chance for Rotman with a top six average of 89?
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