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Torn between Ryerson and Concordia engineering

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I got offer from Ryerson aero eng, Concordia mech eng, Windsor mech eng w/ aerospace otpion and some colleges (for backup) and rejected by Ottawa. Now I'm waiting for reply from Mcmaster, but I actually don't bargain on another offer. And now I'm deciding on the school, and kinda "spoiled" for choices.

I'm from Japan and as an international student, I think about the budget and expenses, since my family's not super rich, so the top school on my list is Mcmaster. But I didn't do well at my previous university, since I lost the passion altogether for the medical program, dropped almost all courses and after that I decided to pursue my dream. (Becoming physician is not my original dream, just what my dad talked me into doing and I applied on a kinda whim)

I really want to immigrate to this country at all cost (I don't mean to break rules, mind you), so I really wanna get employed. Which school could help me do that more easily? I know as an engineer I need to do co-op or internship, and I found that Ryerson offers you tons of that activities. On the other hand, Concordia is kinda more prestigious, I guess, even though I've got to study for ten semesters because of the difference in curriculum. Do you have some tips on these schools from your experiences or hearsay from your friends?

Thanks in advance!
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