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Torn on what to do for residence

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I'm going into my first year in September and planning to live on residence (I live about 30 min from the college, but just want to live on res for the experience). But today the uni called me and offered me a package because the residence are full and some ppl can't get in. So I'm looking at a $600 refund on res, $1000 check and guaranteed residence next year. I don't want to live at home, but the $1000 will help me pay my tuition.

I really want the rez experience, but is the $1000 check too much to pass up, if I can just live on res next year? Is living on res first year any different from second year?
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@Respects wrote
hmm well it wouldn't be the same because residence is mostly reserved for first year students. Since you don't live too far away I would just commute and try to get involved on campus as much as possible. What university is this?


Since you go to McMaster, and that is where i plan to go. Did you do residence first year? What is the best way to get involved at McMaster? I know im going to join the Student Union, however i live 20-30 mins away from Mac. Is residence really worth it?... I plan on spending most, if not, all my time at university anyways.
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Personally I think you're completely wasting your money to live in res if you only live 20-30 minutes away. There are a TON of other ways to get involved. Just join a club or a team and you'll be good to go. You probably will even get invited to res parties anyways.
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