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Toronto or... Guelph? [computer science]

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Okay, so I applied to UofT St George for computer science [artificial intelligence] and Guelph (as a back up). I was told that I would be reviewed in May by UofT SG. I checked my Apptrack status today and it still said 'pending review' for St. George, but I also got an alternate offer for Scarborough. I would normally say that Toronto would be a better option as opposed to Guelph for computer science, but I'm not sure how the Scarborough campus compares. Additionally, I thought that I was rejected from St George in getting an alternate offer, but I was reading through some old forum posts from last year and apparently it would say it was rejected from that campus. As I said, it still says 'pending review'.

The forum that I am referencing is:

... and my AppTrack looks like this:


Anyways, I want to know if there will be a huge difference between UofT SG and SC for computer science. Any thoughts on how Guelph weighs into this as well?

Just in case you're wondering, my top 6 average is an 86% and I just finished IB.
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I see you got accepted to Waterloo, why not go there?
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