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Touch Textbooks - Download College Textbooks!

A photo of maryanne654 maryanne654
Hey guys,

I just wanted to give a quick review of Touch Textbooks. I saw someone here asking about it a few days ago, so I wanted to give my experience with the site to you guys in case you were thinking of signing up.

I joined Touch Textbooks about a month ago to download all my college textbooks for my computer science course at Johns Hopkins University.

For one semester, I usually have to spend about $500 on textbooks. It is ridiculously expensive. I did some Google searching and came across Touch Textbooks. They had all the textbooks I needed for FREE, which was pretty awesome, and even better, I could put them on my iPad.

They also have heaps of novels, and other types of books so it’s pretty neat. I recommend it to any other students out there in need of cheap textbooks, or in this case - FREE!


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A photo of napinhei napinhei
I'm not going to lie, if this was a legitimate website, I would be very interested;


a Google search for reviews shows a bunch of forums with - surprise, surprise - this EXACT same little review. Thus, I'm leaning towards the thought that this website is actually a scam. Sad.

Has anyone tried this website? I'm hoping someone can tell me that these copied and pasted reviews are just an attempt at (lame) marketing, but that the website is otherwise legitimate... Anyone?
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A photo of dayseeker dayseeker
Touch Textbooks is great, it has been reviewed here:

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