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Track One engineering... HELPPP

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i'm wondering if i apply to track one engineering and don't get accepted, would they give me an alternate offer to one of the core 8 programs ?

also , how hard is it to switch engineering programs if i change my mind during first year ? say i picked civil and i changed my mind to industrial .

anyone gone through any of that?

anyone in track one engineering that can also tell me what average they got into ?

i think i can get in the low to mid 80s range, but i absolutely hate chemistry and that class is killing me right now : 70 , i'm struggling to get myself to study for that class, is it really a big thing if i apply to civil or industrial ?

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yes they will offer you an alternate as long as your average is high enough to be accepted into the alternate program.

In general first year is pretty similar for most eng programs. But honestly i dont reali know if its hard to switch... except that mech and indy students take the same courses first year and its easy to switch as long as your average is decent.

From the uoft website it says mid to high eighties but aim for high eighties since its competitive.

Unfortunately most schools with general first years dont offer industrial eng. The only other schools i can think of off the top of my head are ryerson and i believe windsor? All i can say is choose the program that interests you more regardless of rep. etc.

Personally i wanted civil and am now applying to industrial because i feel that it suits me better since i enjoy math more then sciences and learning about systems looks interesting.

But if your just applying to industrial to just get into uoft...apply to a uni with general first year such as queens or macmaster
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well i think i'm more interested in industrial than other programs ,it seems more interesting and can give me more oppourtunities to work in other fields than other engineering programs such as say chemical, or civil

i've heard ryerson is good at engineering, heard abt a few graduates from friends who have went on to be pretty succesful, i've actually heard more gd stories from ryerson than waterloo, just yesterday heard bout this waterloo engineer graduate who still can't find a job and its been like 8 monthes, so much for the 6 monthes guarantee waterloo gives u lol
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