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Transfer Advice? Please help!

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I'm currently in my second year of university in a two year premed program (81 credits, approx. 50 credits sciences and approx. 30 credits social sciences and language courses) and will be graduating with a diploma this spring. I have submitted my application to the med school that has thirty or so spots reserved for the people who graduate from the program I'm in. I am now trying to finalize my back-up plan.

My options are the following:

1) Apply to med school again by staying at the school I'm at and complete

a) a multidisciplinary science degree by completing another year of university. I like this option, but my program director told me it wasn't a good one for me since I am interested in completing a master's if I'm not accepted to med school and a multidisciplinary degree wouldn't give me an edge like a BSc Honors would.

b) a BSc Honors in either chemistry or biochemistry by completing two more years of university. I like this option, but I am hesitant to fully embrace it since my life at this school is non-existent.

I live at home and I've spent literally all of my time for the past 2+ years either studying or doing volunteer work. I love my life now and I know I'll probably be busy and work hard to get good grades wherever I am, but at the same time I know I won't be young forever and I don't want to wake up one day and realize that I don't have the social skills to navigate my personal life and that I don't know anything about the world since I spent my best years in one small corner of it. I don't think I can grow up at the school where I am right now-- my workaholic habits are too deeply entrenched and I just don't have enough life challenges here (e.g. living on my own or in res, meeting new people).

Also, most of the students in biochem are ex-premed students who didn't get into a health sci program. From what I hear, the biochem program is a bit dumbed down in comparison to premed as a result.

On the plus side, for both a) and b), I would be able to renew my current scholarship and I would save money by staying at home.

2) Forget about med school and complete whatever other health science program I can get into (pharmacy, physiotherapy, etc.). I don't like this option since I prefer med school to other health sciences by far (I'd rather continue in pure sciences than health sciences if I'm not accepted to med school. I find pharmacy the second most interesting of the health sciences, but working as a pharmacist doesn't appeal to me--it's too close to the pharmaceutical companies for me.

3) Transfer to another school and complete a BSc Honors in life sciences/sciences/engineering before applying to medical school again. I have three issues with this idea: a) Cost. Entrance scholarships are only for students straight out of high school and I don't feel comfortable going into debt to complete a degree that probably won't offer a good financial ROI. b) It will probably be difficult to find a school at which my credits will transfer perfectly and I am not willing to do more than two more years of university to get a BSc. c) Moving would mean discontinuing my volunteer work in my current city, which I am quite attached to. On the positive side, my GPA is closer to a 4.3 than a 4.0 on a 4.3 scale, so I don't think I'd have difficulty being accepted as a transfer student.

Regardless of the fact that I don't particularly like any of my backup plans, I will pursue all of them for now and choose between the lesser of the three evils when the time comes. For now, I want to finalize details for option #3 which brings me to the following questions:

-Are there any Canadian universities that are particularly willing/particularly unwilling to transfer credits?
-If you've transferred schools before, how did things turn out for you? How do you feel about your decision now? Advice?

Sorry for the long and rambling post btw. Much thanks to anyone who reads and offers advice. :compress:
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