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Transfer from Commerce to Cognitive Science at U of T?

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Hi there!
I'm currently a grade 12 student and I've been accepted to Rotman commerce at U of T, but now I'm thinking that applying to business was a very bad idea, and it's too late to change py application now. So I was wondering if I could transfer from Commerce to Cognitive Science ...?? Do i have to finish first year to be able to transfer or can I transfer now..??

In their website it says:

To join from high school
First apply to the University of Toronto.
After joining U of T, take COG250 Introduction to Cognitive Science during your first year and do well in the course.
At the end of your first year, enrol in the Cognitive Science program.
Note:It is highly recommended that you join CASA as soon as you start at U of T.

To join from U of T
Take COG250 Introduction to Cognitive Science and do well in it.
If you have already taken any of the following courses: ANT100, CSC148H1/CSC150H1, UNI301, UNI302, LIN100, PHL100/102/201, or PSY100, you may enrol in the program prior to taking COG250.
Note: It is highly recommended that you join CASA now!

...but i didn't quite get it...

What do I have to do??
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A photo of youkitan youkitan
Hey, I'm a current cogsci student and member of CASA. If you want information regarding transfers into the program, the best person to talk to would be Jim John. You can find info on him here: http://www.utoronto.ca/cognitivesci/faculty.htm

Call him or email him about your predicament and he'll be able to guide you best.

As a point of interest however, I believe the commerce program at UofT is still under the Faculty of Arts & Science. You can switch amongst programs within the same faculty so long as you have the necessary prerequisites. In other words, the admission categories (eg., "Rotman Commerce" or "Life Sciences") are just for the purpose of streaming students into different fields. You can basically take anything in first year and choose majors as you gain credits. Although, you might find that getting into certain courses will be difficult due to priorities students get from their enrolled programs. Introduction courses like COG250 have no priority though, so you can take it in first year.

If you live in Toronto, or close to UofT you can always come to the CASA office to ask someone in the program directly. Our office hours are 12-6 Mon-Fri and generally, there is always someone there to help (including myself!)

Hope that helps a bit!
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A photo of Tazz12345 Tazz12345
I'm in a similar situation. :bounce:

I applied to comp sci and recently got accepted to that program. I guess you could say I had an "eye opening" experience and I now want to go into life sci. The two programs are both part of the Arts and Science faculty. I want to switch out of comp sci and into go life sci before I make any acceptances. But I'm afraid if I'll do anything I might lose my acceptance and be unable to reapply..

Were you able to transfer?

I'm not sure what to do here :shaking:

Any help would be appreciated.
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