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Transfer from SFU to UBC after one year at SFU?

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I got into SFU but not UBC so im hoping to transfer there after one year at SFU.
I have a couple of questions for you guys..

1) how do i transfer? Also, I already have an UBC account since I applied this year (for faculty of arts), do i need to make another account?

2) Do i have to take math (calculus)? I saw it online somewhere that it was required but I looked at another UBC website page for transfer students and it said nothing about the course requirements so im not sure =\

Help~ I would call UBC but i work from morning until around 4 everyday and thats when UBC's advisors go home =( i cant call them from my cell cuz it broke recently =\ i wont be able to get one any time soon T.T
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