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Transfer from UofTSG?

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I finished first year at UofTSG, did rez, finished with a 3.5 without really trying too hard, everything was great. My post right now is a specialist in political science and I'm interested in law school eventually which coupled with the fact that I'm not doing rez next year, hens no more social life, is making me consider transferring to queens of mcmaster. It would help my grades and since I would HAVE to do rez, also give me a social life. I'm really social and I cant handle that routine of wake up, goto class, do readings, sleep, repeat. Does anyone have experience with transferring out of UofT? Is it a difficult process, what's taken into consideration other than GPA and the university? Obviously it wouldn't apply this years since its too late but I'm pretty dead-set on it for 3rd year.

Also, how difficult is it to join a sports team at UofT? I'm really tall and use to play basketball but that was a while ago, do you think its worth trying out? I joined rowing first year easily but being on the shore at 4am was to intense. If I can get into a sports club I would reconsider transferring.
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you can definitely have a social life while commuting. though how far is it for you?
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