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Transfer Student Admissions UWO

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Hello, I have applied for a transfer to Western, and I'm wondering if anybody has any information on when admission decisions are being made, how long to expect to wait, and the last possible date for a reply? Thank you.
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I can only speak based on my own experiences with transfer students. Generally, there is no date that the school is required to provide transfer students with an answer as it depends on when you applied to the school, when you submitted all the appropiate documentation etc. This is ofcourse different for current high school students that apply directly to the university. Generally with transfer students, each of these students is considered on a case by case bases where they will go through your courses (university, college and/or high school) and make a decision. I would recommend you contact UWO directly b/c only they will know the status of your application.
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Thank you very much for this information!
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where are u transferring from? i accepted my Queen's acceptance at thouac deadline but i think it was a mistake i should have gone with western
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