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Transferring from Brock/AFM

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I'm not 100% sure I want to go into accounting and may consider the finance path. However, I only applied for accounting programs such as Brock accounting and AFM-PA. I got into Brock accounting but am still awaiting my AFM-PA acceptance.

Since these programs are specialized, I'm not sure if I will be able to switch into these programs after first year.Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer from these schools after first year to a bcomm program such as UBC? If so, will I have to start again from first year or can I continue my education like normal?
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AFM is accounting and finance. If you do want to go into finance, there will be options for you to do so within AFM. There isn't the same kind of recruiting for finance jobs as there is at schools such as Ivey and Queen's, but there are some good co-op jobs available in multiple areas of finance that will, if nothing else, give you a good start.

You will almost assuredly not be able to transfer into AFM, other than transferring into first year of the program. Brock's a little bit easier as far as courses lining up, but I still believe most people transfer into first year there as well. So you are correct in that regard.

Depending on the school's requirements, it may be difficult to transfer from AFM to another program. One student I talked to said they were able to transfer to UTSC (I think) with most of their credits transferring (and they would either need to overload for a semester or two or take a couple courses in the summer). Another student was going to transfer somewhere (forget where), but they would have basically just transferred into first year. Your best bet is phoning/emailing UBC and asking how they would evaluate you as a transfer student from AFM and from Brock with the courses you would be taking.
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