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Transferring From UTSC to UTSG

A photo of danik danik
Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of grades you need to transfer from UTSC to UTSG in the bio program. I've heard something around a gpa of 3.0. Do you need to have a gpa of 3.0 in ALL your courses (or just a combined gpa of 3.0)?

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A photo of DadeMurphy DadeMurphy
Kind of been wondering this myself, sorry I don't have any answers though =/

One of my friends is in the same predicament as you. :(
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A photo of dijcan dijcan
I have heard that since the UofT downtown campus is more competative, they usually require a gpa of higher than 3.0 cumulative in order to transfer there. However, it is best to talk to your academic advisor regarding this matter, as they probably have better contacts.
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