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Transferring from UWO Health Studies to Queens Health & Physical Education

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Hello everyone,

I'm hoping to get a second opinion on this. I have been seriously considering transferring from UWO Health Studies to Queens for their Health & Physical Education program. On the website it says to get into Queen's, the minimum GPA to be considered is a 3.0 (75%). My first year at UWO I had a 3.6 GPA (82% average), and second year I will probably have around a 3.5 GPA (around 80% average), or a bit higher. (I think these are my GPA's - I used an online calculator so they might not be incredibly accurate)

They also use my high school marks apparently, but aren't weighed as much as my university marks. I had an 83% average in high school, 3 years ago.

I was wondering what my chances would be to get into this program, with my stated GPA, as well has having 2 very strong letters of reference. I read online that they usually only take about 5 transfer students, so I'm also wondering if anyone has transferred to Queen's into the physical & health education program, or any other related fields.

Thank you!! :)
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ive just gotten accepted to UWO health studies (pre health proffesional)and i was wondering how the program is? Your marks are very good! do most people score around that range because i was really getting worried about how competitive/difficult the program would be?
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