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Transferring help!!

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Hi this is my first post...

so basically im at Huron College at UWO studying BMOS. i chose huron cause i unfortunately missed uwo admissions by 2 percent which sucked... but yeah huron kinda sucks, its fulled of really dumb kids or very smart people. I ended up with the dumb people as i only had a 83% average. I thought i would like a big campus like UWO while in a small school like huron, but i don't. (dont want to go into details, will take to long lol)

So i want to transfer asap. i was wondering is it possible to transfer my credits after first semester to UofT or Ryerson (Toronto universities)? Like can i finish my first semester then leave huron, and go into UofT this coming sept and use my credits?

Courses im taking:
Bus 1220E
Econ micro
Methods of matrix algebra
Global Development
and some compsci course on media (Photoshop, dreamweaver, etc..)

please help !!
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Did you talk to an academic advisor at Western?
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