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Transferring into UofT Physics?

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Hi Everyone,

I"m currently in G12, and going to university next year. I'm an IB student, and was initially planning on taking economics next year. However, my interest in economics has waned, and my passion for physics(which has always been a interest) surged. I was wondering about the feasibility about making up a physics course this summer(between G12 and first year of undergrad) and then transferring from economics into physics. Would I be able to do this? I currently have a low 90s IB average(French :(), however this translates with conversion into a high 90s application average. I have a high 90s average in my maths courses, including calculus. Math in general is not really a problem for me, so I don't think I would be caught unawares.

Essentially, if I obtain the prereqs, can I transfer from economics to physics during the first year of university at UofT?
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