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Transferring SFU arts to UBC Sauder

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hello, i'm currently in first year sfu arts and thinkin about ubc sauder for 2nd year.

But i really have questions about getting into ubc sauder.

So... i searched it and the requirement to get into ubc sauder as transfer is this...

basically 2.5/4.0 gpa for core and cgpa...

but if you look at this...

u can see that 2.5 is about 65%... which is c+ according to this website

however, as some people know, sfu uses different scale which is 4.33 scale.
If you look at this

sfu has c+ range from 72~74.5%... which is way higher compare to ubc scale.

And what i have got for microecon is c+. Then how will be the gpa calculated when
they look at my transcript?

one way that i have heard from other people is that
my transcript would have my grade with grade's percentage range
and ubc people take the lowest percentage of the range (it will be 72% for sfu c+)
and convert that percentage into ubc gpa (Which is 2.95 according to the link above)

is this really how it works????

because if you look at my sfu gpa, mine is like 2.5/4.33 which looks real bad if you
compare with 2.5/4.0... with my 2.5/4.33 marks, if the way that im 'predictin' is right, i can possibly get around 3.0/4.0 which is reasonably competitive mark to get into sauder and this is the mark i think i deserve to get...

do you guys know anything about this??????
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