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Transferring to U of T

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Hi guys, I am wondering what gpa is like practical guaranteed an acceptance to get into U of T. I know this can vary, but, come on, just like in high school how it became apparent that the student with 90+ in every courses would get accepted, what gpa from a university would be generally good enough to get accepted? I currently attend ryerson mechanical engineering and obtained a gpa of 3.95 for my first semester (they have a 4.33 scale but apparently u of t just looks at it the way it is for transfer students, evidently from calling them directly). I obtained 4.33 in calculus I, 4.00 in linear algebra, 4.00 in physics: mechanics, 4.00 in introduction to engineering (this was a dumb course lol), 3.67 in general chemistry, and 3.67 in sociology (I can't believe my elective brought me down, I heard that they won't consider that as much since it's rather irrelevant to engineering). In regards to grades, I think I did significantly better in university then in high school, I had a final average of 84.8 for my top 6 (English, maths and sciences. Calculus being the worst at around 75, ironically :P). I heard that, perhaps, they use high school marks just see if I took the required prerequisites? Regardless, I know they will considering my university grading much more. Thanks a lot for your responses, I know this is a long paragraph. I think my second semester can boost the final gpa a bit perhaps, although I just want to know if my first semester is good for a conditional offer.
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