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Transferring to UBC?

A photo of dreamteam dreamteam
Hi all, recently I was deferred from UBC Sauder after my first year in UBC Arts. Now I'm planning to go to Langara and finish my second year there and (hopefully, going to work my ass off) get back to UBC.

Do you guys have any advice for me or know anyone who went through the same path?

Thanks a lot!!

PS: I didn't want to stay in the UBC Arts program because not much interested me..
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A photo of ufoate ufoate
hi i'm in sauder but i didn't go thru ur path.. actually did u consider economics? Its pretty good too.
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A photo of dreamteam dreamteam
Hey ufoate,

Yes I did consider majoring in Economics in the UBC Arts program, but I figured I wasn't interested enough in it for me to fulfill a career in it. I feel like getting a business degree is the best option for me right now.
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A photo of ufoate ufoate
how about the UBCO management programme? Its still a business degree. May I ask, what happens if you are not able to transfer to sauder?
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