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Trinity College Application

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I was not accepted to Trinity College; however, I do not know if the Admissions Committee ever received my Trinity College Application back in early February. This is the email I sent to the registrar:

Hello, my name is Julian Wilson and I am an applicant to Trinity College for the 2012 Fall academic term. If you please, I would like to know if Trinity College gives acknowledgement, through email or otherwise, when the admissions office recieves Trinity College profiles for prospective students. I had never recieved any such acknowledgement after submitting my application in early February; however, when I enter my applicant number and my date of birth on the Trinity College profile portal, http://db.trinity.utoronto.ca/Profile/, I recieve the following message on the next page: "A Profile with this Applicant Number has already been submitted." The only email I had ever recieved from Trinity College is the email that outlines the instructions for the Trinity College Profile; the subject of that email was "University of Toronto - Trinity College Profile." Unfortunately, I was not accepted to Trinity College, and I am not looking for specific feedback on my application. I simply wish to know if my application was recieved and reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Thank-you very much.

Julian Wilson.

Did any of you receive acknowledgement of your application? Unfortunately, I put a lot of effort into my profile along with my marks. I was, and still is, really keen on going to Trinity College for my undergraduate degree. My admission average to Trinity College would have been 96%. I just called them today, but no one was available to take my call.

Thank-you for your responses, I really appreciate it!

P.S. Yes, I spelled receive wrong in the e-mail. Derp.
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A photo of solace solace
Well, I e-mailed the registrar and they essentially told me that they reviewed my application and I was not accepted into Trinity. Oh, well, thanks anyways!
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