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A photo of SaraFalon SaraFalon
I have some extenuating circumstances related to a psychiatric disability that has affected my grade eleven marks severely, but I'm writing a letter and providing documentation for that, so hopefully that will help.

This year I'm doing significantly better, but I'm still not quite where I'd like to be. My mid-term average was an 83 percent. How much higher are my marks going to have to be to get into to Trin?
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A photo of petarpoparacrni petarpoparacrni
Mark wise I am in a similar boat as you. My mid-term was 84.something albeit this was my "harder" semester so I expect a better average towards the second semester mid-term. I think you might be a few marks low (I'm not sure though). I think if you can get up to a 85 then all you need to do good is your Student Profile which will make or break your acceptance to Trintiy College. I'm assuming you placed Trinity as your number 1 choice?

Regarding your grade 11 averages who cares. It's grade 11 it doesn't count of jack. Grade 12 is where its at. Get a good mark in grade 12 and you are set. Also given your particular circumstance I am sure they would be more then understanding of your grade 11 marks and will not take your grade 11 marks into consideration. Wish you the best.
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
It's written that the from 2005-2010, Trinity's admission average was 90.9...of course there's the essay they consider and all, so there's probably no "minimum", just raise your marks up as much as you can and write the essay as well as you can I suppose
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A photo of petarpoparacrni petarpoparacrni
I read about someone getting in with a 85 average. I think he did very well on the essay. Also I read that the student profile is rated heavily.
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A photo of kraken kraken
yeah, there isn't an official cut-off. just do well on the profile and you should be fine. (then again i wrote my last question on lunch hour the day it was due and rambled about stars and galaxies and the human condition and stuff, so who am i to talk? the difficulty of getting in is way overrated)
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