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Trinity One or more Maths?

A photo of torontoeconomist torontoeconomist
Hi there,

I'm applying to Trinity College and Rotman Commerce. Haven't got a reply from them yet, but am still very hopeful.

What is the general advice here for the choice between Trinity One or more intense first year mathematics? I understand that taking Trinity One would take up the entire five courses for first year, adding 2 extra courses as part of the International Relations stream. On the other hand, I can take courses on real analysis and linear algebra and statistics and just general number crunching.

Which is the better choice here?

I intend to pursue higher study of economics, perhaps as part of academia, research, and policy.

Thank you.
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A photo of MattUK MattUK

I got your private message.
I personally want to pursue Economics past undergraduate study, and the Economics, Financial Economics and Economics and Mathematics Specialists are tailored toward that.

I'm not sure about Rotman, but I don't think International Relations will give you a solid grounding for graduate school. In my first year, I've taken courses on calculus and matrix algebra, which will prepare me for the next steps.

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