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Two McMaster Health Sci Questions

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Hello everyone,
I am still not sure if I would like to go to this school, but I have done my research concerning the admission requirements. Since I am a BC student, I know that they will be looking at English 12, Principles of Math 12 or Calculus 12, Biology 12, Chemistry 12, and one non-math, non-science grade 12 academic course. My problem is that my chemistry mark is pulling me down to the 88-89 range, which is not enough to get into the program. Another thing that concerns me involves my transcript. In my city, all the teachers are refusing to put in report card marks (they are thinking about striking as well), which means that our transcripts have not been updated. This has been going on since Sept. and I am not sure when it will end. Therefore, if I send my transcript with my application on OUAC, none of my gr.12 marks will be shown. This was also mentioned on the McMaster admission requirements site:"The British Columbia automatic submission of your grades will not arrive in time for our admission decisions. Please ask your school to send us a transcript of your final semester mid-term marks."
Here are my questions:
1. Should I retake chem 12 next semester? And if so, how do update my marks (by Feb.1 will have only completed bio, chem and the 1 non-sci/math)? How will they make their decision even though I have not completed everything?
2. What should I do about the transcript issue? I spoke with a guidance counsellor at my school about this, but what she told me was not helpful.

Thanks for your help!! :compress:

P.S.-Sorry for the long post.
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