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U of A vs U of S

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Hi Guys!!
So I'm a bit confused and i would like some input. See, i got accepted to both the University of Alberta and the University of Saskatchewan for Biological Sciences. I am thinking of taking dentistry afterwards. I don't know which university to go to. Most of the people i know went to University of Saskatchewan for dentistry over University of Alberta and i don't know why because i know U of A is more recongized. They simply tell me that U of S is better for this course.
Why do you guys think this is? Which university is better for this course? Your input would mean so much to me. Thank you!!!
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Well you're not doing dentistry yet, you're doing a science degree, so it shouldn't matter which university is better for dentistry. You probably can't go wrong with either for an undergrad science degree.
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Yes, I know that either university would be great. But I don't want to have to move from one university to another to take dentistry; my parents prefer I stay at one place to finish everything. I was just wondering why more people seem to go to U of S for dentistry.
But thank you for your reply!!
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