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U of G-BBRM Students?

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I'm hoping to be acceoted into Guelph's BBRM equine management program, and an trying to plan how I'm going to schedule stuff, school, work, barn, etc. Was wondering if anyone could share their class schedule/timetable and if you were able to balance a job with school and other activities? Thanks in advance:)
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I go to the University of Guelph! Not in BBRM (Love the program though), I'm in 1st year BPCH:C, Biological & Pharmaceutical Chemistry Co-op, a tad different :P If you have any questions, or you'd like to see my timetable let me know!
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Good to hear! What have you hear about the program, or what have your interactions with students in the program been like? Are you able to easily balance a part time job with school? If you could share what your timetable or what your week is structure like/ how long classes and lectures are, that would be awesome! I'm having a hard time finding a good example timetable and not sure what to expect:)
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From people I've talked to in the program, they really do enjoy it. Like other programs you can take specific restricted electives to go towards more of what you like. It's a lot more science-like then you might think, you do go into equine nutrition, physiology etc. and you also have the business aspect with it. So equine event management, statistics for business, management accounting and such. So it's not all about horses, but they give you the solid basis you need for managing a barn/event etc etc. Okay, as for a part time job it can be difficult or easy depending on the person and hours. generally they don't recommend going over 10 hours a week. But depending on you and your program generally 16 would be fine. I was working a part time job and doing 24 hours a week but I cut down significantly. First semester tends to but be a lot harder to adjust to work load wise. This is my second semester time table. I'm also doing an online elective course. Don't be scared though! My program is a lot more intensive then some other, so yours will most likely be a bit less crowded, and you wont have the co-op course! Now I have my courses reallyyy close. I know people that have it super laid out. Classes can also run as late as 10 at night! My schedule shows how long classes and labs are. Any other question let me know! https://flic.kr/p/CTF4PT
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