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U of Ottawa or Queens?

A photo of emlang emlang
so, which uni is better? i'm going to be enrolled in the french studies.

At Ottawa:
I will be in the french immersion program, and there might be a better chance at a government job there?
And it's closer to downtown than queens.

I will be able to continue lacrosse and it's known to be better, but i'm afraid of getting bored of Kingston.... and i really don't want to travel three hours just to get back to Toronto to shop.

So, help me out. Which uni has a better university life or is more fun or better?
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A photo of Zion Zion
I'd definitely choose Queen's. But obviously the French factor of Ottawa is big, and it seems like you're already leaning that way, so go for it.
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
It seems like you are leaning towards Ottawa like Zion said.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
You seem to like the idea of Ottawa and I must agree. Ottawa is a bilingual city and it has government opportunities (coop or job). The school has bilingual everything...basically. If you wanted to boost your French studies you could join French clubs, go to French events, live in the French or International residence, etc. The more you integrate into the French culture the more effective your studing will become.
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