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A photo of Jack99 Jack99
i have applied to the University of Ottawa and Carleton University for international studies and modern languages and international studies at Carleton. Here are my marks:

Geography 12 85%
History 12 83%
Spanish 12 90%
Accounting 12 96%
English 12 85%
AP English 12 85%
French 12 80%
Math 12 60%
Comparing Civilizations 12 87%

Do you think i will get in even with math lowering me down?
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A photo of cherrypie725 cherrypie725
I don't see why it would... math isn't a prerequisite for that program, it is?
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A photo of Jack99 Jack99
no but a 60 on my transcript is still a 60....anyone think id get in?
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A photo of KingKhan KingKhan
If the math isn't going to be in your top 6 then they won't even look at it. Even if it was, you still gave a very good shot at getting in as the program isn't very competitive.
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