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Any interesting clubs to join that stan out? I was looking at the database and it's so overwhelming...too many to sift through -__-

A couple that stood out were Silhouettes - a club for dancers that have a few showcases/productions during the year, debating (honestly not that interesting, but will look great on extracurriculars), yoga, and photography.

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The Hart House Debate Club is probably the best in the country, mostly because roughly half of its members are current law students. (This was a number of years ago, so the demographics might have changed, but I doubt it.) It would look very good on your resume indeed if you attended tournaments and did well in them, and it's also a good opportunity to network with future and current law students, if that is the direction you're heading in.

I know how daunting it can be to look at the database of club information, but don't worry - during orientation week, there will be a club fair at King's College Circle (University College), where all the clubs have booths and members of each club can tell you more about what they do. They have everything from culture- and religion-based clubs, to student unions for each department, to hobbies and sports and even pre-law and pre-med associations. Also, each college offers its own share of clubs.

I can't really suggest what clubs you should join in particular, because your interests are probably different from mine. You should choose 3-4 clubs that look interesting and then join them to see if you're really interested in them. Try not to spread yourself too thin - it's a recipe for misery, I can tell you that much from my own experiences in first year. Find a few that you could see yourself making a long-term commitment to, because that always looks good on a resume. Most importantly, have fun!
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