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U of T - Life Sciences requirements?

A photo of lowexpectations lowexpectations
I asked this question in the old forum but I didn't get any answers.

According to OUAC, for U of T Life Sciences, both ENG4U and MCV4U marks are required in my top six.

Right now my grade 12 marks are:
SBI4UN: 94
SCH4UN: 81
ENG4UN: 85
MCV4U: 72
MHF4U: 97
CHY4U: 91
CLN4U: 95
and last year I took:
MDM4U: 80
BAT4M: 86

I know these marks are pretty crappy but I go to a non-semestered school, which means seven full year courses (I had eight but I dropped physics for a spare), and 3 of them are AP/Enriched (both calculus and functions used to be AP too, but I dropped down to academic because my marks were pretty bad).

So basically my question is that since my Calculus mark is a 72, do I have a chance of getting into U of T Life Sciences? The average of my top six (including english and calculus) comes out to exactly 89, except I heard that a minimum of 75% is required for both the prerequisites...
And I'm pretty sure my calculus mark might drop even lower because I really don't understand what's going on in that class.

Any input is appreciated :)
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A photo of leviaidan leviaidan
I think you have a good shot. I suggest you continue to keep the calculus mark above 70, at least.
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A photo of lowexpectations lowexpectations
Ha, I doubt it'll stay over 70...
Since the November report card, we've had two tests, and I got 56 and 62 respectively. :bom:
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