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U of T - Scarborough.. Help >_<

A photo of Jesslalala Jesslalala
I just got an admission deferral from Rotman.. so I'm thinking applying to Scarborough. I know it's pretty now but since they are still open I want to give it a try.
I have a few questions:
1. Should I choose Management co-op or non co-op? How competitive is it to get in to the co-op program? What do they need?
2. What's the SAF like. Are they about ECs?
3. Anything I should be cautious about?

Here are my top five. I'm not from Ontario
Math 30- 89%
Chemstry- 89%
Japanese- 95% (in progress)
English- 80% (probably.. in progress. Do they even care if it is IB?)
Ave: 89.8%

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A photo of Rookie Rookie
Hey there! I got into UTSC for Neuroscience, but I'm familiar with the Management program since I was considering it for a while.

1. Take co-op, and if you don't get admission to there, you'll probably be considered for non-cop-op (which you can drop later on if you don't want to do it). It's pretty cool because you get to work in what you study and especially for a program like business, it's gotta be really cool and good for making contacts. Also, it's exactly the same application for co-op as for non co-op so you have nothing to lose!

2. The SAF is really about everything, but very brief. They ask you to restate and self-report your grades for every class, and then ask you about ECs and awards etc. At the end it asks you to put a reference. It`s pretty easy, you should be able to finish it in 30 focused minutes.

3. I guess just look for spelling mistakes and what not on the SAF.

Your grades look solid, Im sure you`ll have no problem getting in :)
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A photo of Djohnson2012 Djohnson2012
Not sure if this is the right place to post this;
I received an e-mail from UofT but I'm not sure if I'm in or not.
Can someone post a UofT offer of admission so that I can see what it looks like?
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