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U of T 3rd and 4th year ECE courses

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I noticed that there's a lot of advice for U of T 1st and 2nd year ECE courses. I was wondering if anyone here could help me out with some advice/descriptions for ECE 3rd and 4th year courses (especially Areas 6 and 5). I have read the 'official' course descriptions (http://www.undergrad.engineering.utoronto.ca/Assets/UndergradEng+Digital+Assets/calendar1011/Chapter+8.pdf). But it's be great if I can have some sort of personal input from students who have actually done them ie what I'll be learning, how the profs are, how much work is to be put in etc.

Some of the courses I'd love to know about are:

ECE345 - Algorithms and Data Structures
ECE316 - Computer Networks 1
ECE302 - Probability and Applications (heard this is an extremely hard course)
CSC343 - Introduction to Databases
ECE344 - Operating Systems
ECE461 - Internetworking

Thanks in advance :)
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