yconic - U of T? and general confusion because im not in ontario.
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U of T? and general confusion because im not in ontario.

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kay so here is my situation... im currently grade 11 in Manitoba, and the thing is i moved from Ontario to Manitoba this year. My marks are low 90s to high 80s with the exception of chem which is like a 80 on a good day and 73 on a bad day. My question is if I keep my marks up like this will i get in to u of t life science next year?

Also because I am in Manitoba, Ive been told that taking lit focus40S + trans forms 40S is equal to grade 12 English in Ontario... this is really important cause i know that U of T basically looks at your English and your calculus mark... So would it matter if I took lit focus in summer (also in Manitoba they have the English provincials in grade 12) then I avoid doing the provincials for English again.. cause I already did them in Ontario..?

(general question: Is anyone here applied/gotten in/currently in U of T life science and they are from Winnipeg?)
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I'm not from Manitoba myself but I can tell you that if you maintain your high 80s-90s average throughout grade 12, you're pretty much guaranteed a spot in Life Sci at U of T.. St. George, I'm guessing.

I actually took summer school English last year too, and I'm also from outside of Ontario. I also took the provincial exam in the summer, and U of T seemed fine with it, so I don't think you'd have a problem with it. But if it's a requirement to take the Manitoba provincial exam in order to graduate high school there, then you would still have to take it, I would think.
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