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U of T and Summerschool/Virtual Schooling?

A photo of hyrussk71 hyrussk71
I applied to UTSC for management non-coop and was accepted earlier in the year. However my Calculus mark started to drop drastically from midterm, I think nearly to the point of failing and I'm really anxious about the final mark. I don't have my updated marks from my recently written exam from my school yet, but is it possible to take summer school or virtual schooling for calculus this summer so that I can make sure that my offer is safe?
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A photo of AhIsee AhIsee
Personally for me, my marks in Chemistry and Biology were on rocky grounds for the final exams (not an optimistic person)and after I wrote my final one on the 4th day of exams (Chem) I went straight to my guidance counselor to sign up for summer school in case I needed it, whereas he contacted my univeristy in regards to admission requirements and such (UofT Miss). We never had to go the next step to actually informing them of my retakes since I managed beyond my visions of 68 and 71 final grades.

Basically, if you think your in jeopardy with one of your classes, don't hesitate to talk to your guidance or whomever helps students with admissions/grades, etc in your school. He/She will contact and inform the university about your retakes and ususally they will stay their decision of final acceptance or revoke until you completed the summer course(s). Also, I think it's for UTM personally, for 2nd retakes, they knock off 5% of your final grade since the 2nd time is always supposed to be easier.
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