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A photo of emmaswaren emmaswaren
If people could please share what they know about the different U of T colleges, their reputations, quality of dorms, social life, stereotypes, etc., that would be really helpful.
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A photo of Luiisa Luiisa
All colleges at UofT have something different to offer. I think great alumni have come from all colleges and each college always has social events, so what you should consider is the type of residence you're after, how far you'll be from your classes, and how large a college you'd like to belong to.

I personally go to Trin and since we have such small graduation classes, we're a very close-knit community; that really appealed to me when ranking my college choices. We have a lot of traditions, such as the wearing of gowns. There's dorm-style rooms, there's no standard size for the rooms and kitchenettes are only available at St. Hilda's, what used to be the women's college. Meal plans are required since kitchens aren't readily available, but that makes for really nice meal-times when you get to see all your friends and catch up. A lot of people interested in IR also choose Trin, but college selection doesn't really affect your program; I'm actually doing a major associated with Victoria College.

I can't really speak for the other residences as I have limited knowledge, but the UC cafeteria is supposed to be one of the best ones, if you're after modern apartment style, Woodsworth would be your choice, and if you're after a small college, Innis would also be a good choice. All colleges have a vibrant social life. Each college holds events such as Trin's Bubbly and UC's Fireball, so you won't be missing out when picking one college over the other.
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A photo of kraken kraken
...but really, Trin is the best. :P
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A photo of cliffhanger33 cliffhanger33
Trin sounds like it's the best, even though idk why
they hv some rly cool alumni tho
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A photo of 3000 3000
I heard Trinity college wears Harry potter gown during meal time.
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A photo of kraken kraken
^ only during late dinner on certain days. you don't actually have to go to it. but yeah the gowns are pretty cool :P
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A photo of SKHL SKHL

@3000 wrote
I heard Trinity college wears Harry potter gown during meal time.

Yes, we do have Harry Potter-like gowns at Trinity College! It follows Oxbridge traditions. We don't stroll about campus in them, but during formal dinners we wear them (you can eat at early dinners though, where there is no dress code), and during meetings of Trinity College governance.
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