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U of T Engineering OR Civil Engineering?

A photo of lifeintechnicolor95 lifeintechnicolor95
Hey everyone! This is my first post to the forum :) Thanks for making me feel welcome!

Well, here's the thing.

I want to go to U of T in the fall of 2013 (I'm still in grade 11), but I've still been looking at my options as to what I want to pursue. I ultimately want to be a structural engineer, so I've come down to two options: civil engineering and engineering science.

I feel I have high enough grades (mid-90 average) and enough extra-curriculars to get into both, so that won't be a problem.

But I want to choose the program which will get me to my career faster, without an unnecessary work load. I heard the engsci program is pretty intense, but seems to be quite useful (am I correct?). On the other hand, finishing up a civil engineering degree will probably allow me to get a job sooner. I also want to do a Master's degree eventually.

So what should it be? EngSci or Civil Engineering?!

And which one will get me a job faster, which pays well?

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A photo of imaginaryengineer imaginaryengineer
Civil engineering. Engsci will put u through random hard stuff before u focus on civil engineering. You mention unnecessary workload...this is engineering. You will have a large workload.

And which one will get me a job faster, which pays well?

Again this is engineering they both will pay well. Getting a job really depends on you and the economy etc.
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