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I just recently received my SPF. One of the task is to write an essay.
My english is very poor and I always have trouble writing essays or anything in general. Can anyone give me tips/ guides to writing a good application essay.
For example, what are some phrases or words that could perhaps make the essay sound good, or exaggerate on an extracurricular activity.

This is the topic:

What has inspired you to pursue an engineering degree and why would you like to study at the University of Toronto?
What skills have you developed through your extra-curricular experiences that will support your future success as both a student and an engineer?
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A photo of pandasbox pandasbox

The essay is a way for you to speak out in your own voice. It doesn't matter if your mechanics or grammar aren't that good, the admissions people just want to know that you have personality. Just be genuine and let yourself shine through.
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A photo of nakhuda93 nakhuda93
Have some self confidence man! I'm assuming you're in high school? ask your English teacher to look it over.
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