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Some questions:

1. I'm 51st in the waitlist of the HIS103Y1 480-capacity class I need for a chance to crack at the Int. Rel. program. Do I have a chance?

2. If I don't have a chance, I'm willing to do summers for it, but do the program interviews give a chance to those doing the required course in summer? I looked up their webpage and they say they conduct interviews in summer precisely... do they do two rounds, and are those at the second round at a disadvantage?

3. The program states that it is limited, but how limited is it? And how many students usually apply and have to fight for each spot?

4. Are the interviews difficult, and are they about extracurriculars, etc.?

I know the list is long but they've been brewing in my mind for weeks. Thank you VERY MUCH to all who bother to reply. :)
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you may get in but it's not too likely... read my post here!
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Thank you so much kraken, is there anyone who can give answers on the other questions, about the toughness of IR entrance specifically?
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