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u of t life sciences VS McMaster Life Sciences

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Before I start this, I just want to say that my parents are the type of people who are more or less clueless about university and high-school matters, and I definitely don’t mean this in a negative way. Because of the fact that neither one of them finished University in Canada, they are unable to make any recommendations which is why I’m relying on you guys! I’ve been accepted to McMaster, University of Toronto St George, and University of Toronto Mississauga for the Life Sciences program but I’m a bit uncertain on where to go. My ultimate goal is to finish medical school and become a surgeon so maintaining a high Grade Point Average is fairly important to me. I’ve heard many rumours about how University of Toronto St George is super challenging, how the class averages are below mediocre, and how difficult it is to do well. Are these true? Would I be better off going to McMaster or University of Toronto Mississauga.

Also, Chemistry 12 isn’t really my strong point, I’m taking the course through the ILC which is super easy but teaches you next to nothing. I don’t want to go to a university life science program that’s very chemistry based.

I also want a decent social life. How is McMaster for that?
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The rumours about UTSG are a bit exaggerated, although not that far off. The averages in all my large science courses have been from C- to C+. In fact, they have to keep it around that range, so they'll adjust everyone's mark to do so (this doesn't, as you might have heard, result in maniacal professors lowering everyone's mark; in fact, they raised our marks to get the class average there). You're going to have to be willing to put a lot before school, however, if you want to do well here. Don't take this to mean that you'll be getting 60's. It's very possible to get good marks here.

In terms of medical school, I'm not sure why you'd pick any of the "harder" schools (I put quotations because I don't really know the level of difficulty at any other school). But, if it's true that some schools are easier than others, and that medical schools don't care which undergraduate school you go to, I don't know why UTSG or McMaster would be your choices. Some of my friends who hope to make it into medical school have told me that they're going to UTSG because if they don't make it to medical school, at least they have a UTSG undergraduate degree. One point in favour of bigger schools, however, is that they have many volunteering opportunities. and that'll probably help your application into medical school.

As for chemistry, it's my most dreaded course here. If you're going into any health sciences related major or specialist, you're most likely going to be taking chemistry until the end of your second year at the minimum. If you go into a life sciences major or specialist, I doubt you'll be taking chemistry past first year.

P.S. I don't know anything about UTM, that's why I ignored it in my post. Hopefully others can add information about it.
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