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U of T National Scholarship

A photo of kitkat1 kitkat1
Do you have to be nominated by your school for the U of T National Scholarship? Is any preference given?
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A photo of kraken kraken
usually what happens is your school nominates a student to win the National Book Award (which is just a book, no money. nominees automatically win) and then the Book Award winners have the option to apply for the National Scholarship. but if I recall correctly there's also a way to apply independently without a nomination (you need references etc. though)
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A photo of chelseymori chelseymori
Hi I'm applying to the U of T Nation Scolarship and I was wondering what the critera is for the 800 word essay on one of the words "cahoots, up, strike, quantum, knob." Is there anywhere I can find a sample essay from past years?
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A photo of pare16 pare16
Hi, does anyone know how many people apply to the UofT National scholarship?

Also, for the part where you have to write a reference letter for yourself, is it best to address any weaknesses (as it mentions in the application) or leave it alone and just state your strengths? Thanks for any opinions.
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