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U of T or Carleton

A photo of SpringChild SpringChild
There are many facts to consider:

1. I really want to get away from my family

2. My dad works in Oakville and they might move to Oakville over the next few years

3. I'm considering, after first year, applying to another university internationally, England specifically (I have my reasons), and transferring, or if transferring isn't possible maybe even enrolling in a program there. However, I have already applied and back when we were applying I wasn't considering this option, therefor I'm going to stick to doing a year in Canada

4. I applied to U of T st. Georges initially and even though my average was decent I got an alternate offer to the scarborough campus, which is fine, but there are not as many options for life science there. Since i plan on not staying anyway, a general first year won't hurt me (since majors are chosen after)

5. Carleton is far, has a nice campus, I like the city. I don't know Scarborough well.

So, keeping all this in mind, I really don't know what to decide at the moment. I'd like some advice about transferring universities after first year, what general first year biological science programs are like, and information about UTSC. I know that U of T is a really good school, but I actually don't care about prestige much and Carleton really appeals to me.

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A photo of LRooke LRooke
Tell me if you get accepted to Cambridge/Oxford/Imperial College. Always wanted to go there.
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A photo of SpringChild SpringChild
I'm not planning on applying to those.
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A photo of poeticallydemented poeticallydemented
Sounds like you've already made your mind up on Carleton. Since you obviously want to go there more, go there. You'll be happier.
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A photo of businessgleek businessgleek
Carleton seems like the better choice for you :colors:
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A photo of bladerunner905 bladerunner905
Carleton. You'll feel like the coolest kid in a remedial class.

UofT for a social life, for a night life, for a superior environment and for better reputation and job markets.
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