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U of T, or UBC?

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Alright, I'm planning on applying to three different universities. McGill, U of T, and UBC. The "ivy league" of Canadian universities. I'm pretty sure I have absolute no chance at getting into McGill with my marks (usually 87%-96%). And I'm only taking 112 and 122 (New Brunswick) courses, no level 1's.

I might have a shot at getting into U of T or UBC though, I just can't decide which one I would rather go to if I get accepted to both. Does anyone here go to U of T that has any complaints about it, or maybe some reasons why you really like the school? Same for UBC, any reasons why you do or don't like the school?
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Can you visit them? This might be the best way to decide which one you like better.
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They're both really great schools, very different cities. I would second a campus visit and then just go with your gut over whatever feels better. I assume you're just going for a science degree?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
One thing I can say for sure is that they are both very competitive schools.
I personally applied to both UBC and U of T. I had full intentions of going to U of T, but decided to stay at UBC because I am from Vancouver, so it's a lot closer to home.
I hear a lot of horror stories from U of T, haha.. especially about first year Chemistry courses.
At UBC, just sitting in lectures, you can feel the pressure.. it's crazy.
We do have a beautiful campus, though.. that's a plus. I've never been to U of T personally, so I don't know what the campus looks like.
I also really like UBC because of all the oppourtunities to get involved. There's ALWAYS something to do, whether you live in campus or commute every day.
I think both schools are great choices and it's really what you make of it in the end.

If you have any questions about UBC specifically, feel free to ask or message me. :)
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