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U of T Rotman Commerce Admission!

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Hi everyone

I have applied to Rotman Commerce, but didnt get acceptance yet..

I just found out that some people got their acceptace before christmas.. I always thought that they start giving out acceptances from the end of February.

I completed my personal profile on January 9th and my transcript was received on February 7th.. is that pretty late compared to other applicants and potentially a reason while it still says "under review"?

In addition, I reside in B.C. Would that make a difference in the order they view applications?

Finally, they look at top 5 provincial courses right?

I got in McGill Desautels 2 weeks ago, so yeah :(

My Grade 11 average was (top 5): 95.6 %
My Grade 12 interim mark is (top 5): 95.4%

Would appreciate comments :)

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