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U of T Scarborough Management Co-op any good?

A photo of zaphod zaphod
So I got accepted into University of Toronto Scarborough Campus for Management Co-op, focusing on accounting and economics. Just wondering if the program is any good?

It's one of the few programs which offer co-op (other than Waterloo), and since its relatively not very competitive,I think it would give me good job placements and opportunities. I'm not sure atm, but I hope to go into accounting or financial planning; the program gives a Bachelor of Business Administration, but is not accredited for Chartered Accounting. However, this is not that much of an issue - many other schools, again like Waterloo's AFM are not accredited as well.

Mostly, I'm uncertain about the management program in its prestige, workload, and job opportunities... such as how easy it is to maintain a high GPA, the different work placements available etc. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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A photo of Jesslalala Jesslalala
Sorry this is unrelated to your question...But I'm wondering did you do a interview with them? What's the SAF like and what is your average?
I'm actually thinking applying now...
Thank you. :D
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A photo of zaphod zaphod
It's not too difficult to get into the program, lol don't worry too much about that!

I know they look at your maths and english, and my top 6 average was a 95. I'm not really sure which courses were required though, but I'm sure you can find it on their website.

You don't need an interview for management. The SAF is just a supplementary section, with a deadline a few weeks after you apply. I believe there were around 10 questions, each with a 100 word limit. They were pretty normal questions, like why you applied or your interest in the program.

Otherwise, there's not much I can tell you about UTSC's management co-op... (hence why I posted in the first place =D ) but definitely apply for it, and keep up your marks!
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A photo of chiqua99 chiqua99
I don't think you can apply to UTSC Co-op Management anymore...it's closed (according to their website).
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A photo of Alexandra5 Alexandra5
Currently, I'm a first year co-op management student in the program, and I think it's a pretty good program. There are tons of networking opportunities available, and many events for you to take part in. Recently, we had mock interviews with various employers, and employers from all of the Big 4 companies (KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young) came as well.

As I am still in first year, I haven't been able to go job searching yet (I'm hoping to start my work term in September) but I'm sure there are tons of opportunities available for accounting placements.

About the course-load, if you don't keep up with the work, you'll get screwed. Watch out for first year accounting especially. I took it a bit too easy and got screwed over but I managed to pass. But in the end, it's all up to you to choose which university you want to go to.
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A photo of zaphod zaphod
Congrats for getting into the program! Glad you like it :)

In terms of the program, how competitive would you say it is? How well does it compare with other management programs, such as Shulich's or Queen's commerce in prestige and workload?

While I know you haven't done any co-op yet, would you say it is easier or harder from UTSC students to get a good placement with the big four companies? And have you heard of how graduates are doing after having done co-op?

Lotsa questions!!
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A photo of Jesslalala Jesslalala
Thank you! I just applied it on ouac xD

They extended their deadline lol
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