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U of T scholarships

A photo of danslejus danslejus
I have been accepted to U of T St. George, New College. Will I get anything if my final top 6 average is 90/91%?
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A photo of vmicro vmicro
Almost certainly. Expect 1-2k. Note that it will probably only be for 1 year. Afterwards, it will be based on your grades from university.
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A photo of danslejus danslejus
Thank you very much for replying so quickly. May I ask if you are positive? Or whether or not you've known this by experience from you or your aquaintances. I know their president's entrance scholarship is at 92% for $2000. I had no idea u of t st george would ever consider giving me anything for a 90 or 91. I would be greatful for even 1k. Would you mind giving me some more knowledge and/or reassurance?

Once again, Thank you very much.:colors:
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A photo of SKHL SKHL
Unfortunately, I'm not as certain as the other poster on that matter...I'm not familiar with New College's scholarships in particular, but at Trinity College at least, they would start giving scholarships on top of/alongside the President's Entrance after 92% and up. The President's Entrance is the "basic level" scholarship, from what I understand. That said, I'm not sure with New College policies!
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